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Cure for Psoriasis

cure for psoriasis

A diagram of a healthy skin vs a psoriasis infected skin


The skin condition known as Psoriasis is a lingering condition that ranges from mild to severe depending on the presence of certain triggers for flare-ups. Ever since the disease became common, researchers have been extensively searching for a cure for Psoriasis. Scientists have developed some medications ranging from topical to oral medication that has been found to be effective in curing Psoriasis.

One popular treatment method is a topical based medication. These medications are applied directly to the area of infection. There are slightly different types of topical treatments that all work in a different way to combat the disease. One of the medications is corticosteroids, which is an anti-inflammatory medication. These medications come in different strengths, and a lower strength should be used on any sensitive areas. Your doctor will most likely start you with a low strength anyways as to avoid the risk of creating a resistance to treatment. How cortisteroids work is they slow down the production of cells in the immune system, which is back to a normal rate for those with Psoriasis.

Vitamin D

Synthetic Vitamin D is another treatment that can be used as a cure for Psoriasis. The benefit of Vitamin D as a treatment option is that it is gentler on the skin. This makes it a great option for long-term use. Vitamin D also slows down the production of T cells in the immune system. A great way to supplement your Vitamin D treatment is getting some natural Vitamin D through spending some time in the sunlight.

The final type of topical treatment are retinoids. Retinoids are Vitamin A in the form of a cream or gel that can be applied directly to the area of infection. A great way to supplement this treatment is to make sure you are getting your daily dose of Vitamin A through your diet. For those who find that the topical treatments irritate their skin, there are also some oral medications available that work in the same way.

In cases where topical treatments are not an effective cure for Psoriasis, phototherapy can be used. Phototherapy is simply light therapy, and it consists of administering artificial ultraviolet light in controlled doses directly on the infected area. This is essentially providing the same effect that natural sunlight will give you, except that it is highly concentrated.  Although Light therapy is sometimes used on its own, it can also be used in combination with topical medications.


Psoriasis Light Theraphy

Example of a lady performing Light Theraphy

A newer trend in treatment is the use of biologics such as Enbrel and Stelara. Biologics are administered through injection and work by blocking certain pathways in the immune system. This keeps inflammation from happening and therefore stops flare-ups.

Forget Smoking

While all of these different treatment methods have been proven to be effective, you should also consider lifestyle changes to cure your Psoriasis once and for all. Cut out bad habits like smoking and heavily consuming alcohol. Also strive to include a bunch of foods in your diet that contain vitamins A and D. Doing this in combination with medically prescribed treatments is the best cure for Psoriasis.

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